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How To Shop Early

So you’re one of the smart ones! We knew it! Once you catch on to the great deals at Just Between Friends, the next question is, “How do I shop earlier to get even better deals?” There are several ways to shop early.

Sell your Items or Consign:

By selling your items at a sale, you automatically qualify for a shop early pass which you will receive when you drop off your items at the sales event location. This allows you to shop BEFORE the sale opens to the public at a special presale—just for consignors. Sign up to Consign.

Be a Part of our Team:

If you want to shop even EARLIER than the consignors, we suggest you become a part of our JBF Team! There are usually many tasks available for those who would like to participate in each sales event, so check your local sale's website for more information. We'd love to have you! Log into your profile to be a part of the team.

Check for Other Special Presales at your Local Event:

Each local sale has other special presale times. Some have “first-time parent” presales. Others offer early shopping opportunities for those with family in the military while some have “Prime Time” shopping opportunities where, for a fee, you can shop before the sale opens to the public. Make sure you check to see what opportunities are available at your local events.

So plan now to shop early and get the greatest savings on the highest quality merchandise! Still have questions about shopping? Check out SHOPPER FAQs.

Who Can Sell Items?

Anyone can sign up to sell their items as a consignor with Just Between Friends. It’s easy to do and you earn money back on every item sold.

Turn outgrown or unused items into cash—and then buy the items you do need at great savings!