Find Your Local Sale


Perhaps you want to be able to shop early, but you are not able to be a team member. Then a barter may be just what you are looking for!

Bartering involves trading goods or services for the shop early pass to be able to attend one of the earlier pre-sales. What items/services can be bartered? There are numerous options and these vary by sale location.

Some of these may include:
• Bringing meals for team members during the sales event
• Passing out promotional postcards in your area
• Hand out Free Admission passes to area schools or daycares
• Making reminder phone calls
• Supplying needed items such as postage stamps or batteries
• Loaning materials needed for the sale such as tables or chairs
• Supplying free ad space or social media services
• Organizing promotional appearances to get the JBF word out
And other opportunities may be available, too!

Please check the website for your local sale to see what barter options are available for you! And, if you have a unique service you can offer, don’t hesitate to contact your local event coordinator to see if this service may be of value to the event.