How the Sale Works

  • It's super easy! Here you can find out more information about the sale and decide if you want to be a Shopper, Consignor, Team Member, or all three!
  • Jump in and do ALL THREE! For those who want the BEST that Just Between Friends has to offer Shop, Consign, and Join our Team. You will save, make money and get access to the most premium shop early times!

    • SHOPPERS purchase items at GINORMOUS savings often 50-90% off retail!
    • CONSIGNORS sell their items to earn money and they get to shop early.
    • TEAM MEMBERS perform various tasks at each sale as part of the JBF Team plus they get to shop even earliest for the best deals!
  • Your next step is to register.

    Note: You are not required to register to shop; however, to receive special deals, emails with discounts, and further information, you will want to Register NOW!

  • Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your Universal Consignor Number (UCN). You will need this number in order to be able to participate as a Consignor at your local sales event(s). Everyone who registers will receive a number. This number will remain the same from sale to sale. Once you have your number, you will need to remember to register each sale and each season for the events in which you would like to participate.

  • From your My JBF Profile page, you can:
    • register as a Consignor for any upcoming sales events. Check back often for new sales events.
    • sign up to be a Team Member
    • sign up for the JBF mailing lists of events for which you'd like to receive info
    • communicate with Sales Event Organizers
    • create and print your merchandise sales tags through our linked tagging site.

    Yeah, the fun part! Your next step: Find your local sales event and check the shopping dates and locations near you so you can shop the great deals and bargains. You can shop multiple sales to make the most of their super savvy shopping skills.


    From Shopper to Consignor to JBF Disciple! Many who start out as shoppers with JBF become Sellers or "Consignors." Why? Because they quickly see the benefit of not only SHOPPING at JBF, but also selling or consigning to make money. This allows them to then purchase items for their children or add these dollars to their family's bottom line. It's the ultimate in recycling as you can sell items you no longer need while purchasing quality items for your family that you do need.

  • First Step: Sign up to Sell: Want to sell your items?  Great! Your first step is to register for a free account where you will receive your Consignor Number.

  • Universal Consignor Number: Remember that once you register with JBF, you will receive your universal consignor number (UCN) in a confirmation email. This number can be used to register to consign with any Just Between Friends event across the country!

  • Communication: Stay in the Know: Be sure to read through all communications and the JBF website which is full of tips, dates/times, ideas and other important information about the sale in which you'd like to participate. (NOTE: Typically, your local JBF events host a Spring/ Summer sale and a Fall/Winter sale each year).

  • Your JBF Profile: Log in to your JBF profile using your Email address and Password. This will take you to your "My JBF Profile" page. Once you are on your Profile page, register for the sales with which you'd like to consign under the "Upcoming Events" section on the right-hand side of the page by clicking the pink "Sign Up" button.

  • Tagging Time: Once you have registered as a consignor for your desired sales event, you will want to create your price tags for your items. From your My JBF Profile page, you can access the tagging system by clicking on the "Enter My Tags" link (in the green bar below your Universal Consignor Number near the top of the page). This is where you will enter your info so you can print your tags and prepare your items for the sale.

  • Dropping off your Items: Prior to each sale, you will drop-off your items during the designated "Drop Off" time. We encourage you to separate all clothing by gender and size before you arrive as this makes drop-off easier and faster!

  • Checking in on Drop Off Day: Once you arrive at the sales event location, your first step is to check in with the Sales Event Coordinator. After you have checked in, you will bring your items to the Inspection Area where we will make sure all items are ready for selling. While your clothing is being inspected, you can start putting out all other items in the designated areas on the sales floor. After inspection, you can then hang your clothing on the appropriate racks, typically by gender and size.

  • Presale Passes: The Good Stuff: At drop-off, you also will receive a Consignor presale pass and, if applicable, a Team Member presale pass. These passes will allow you to shop before the sale opens to the public to get the best deals! Be certain you pick up these passes before you go as they are your ticket into the presales! You must have your pass to be able to shop early at the presale!

  • Check your Progress during the Sale: Each day you can check on your sales progress by going to your profile page and clicking "Enter my tags.". Sales are totaled at the end of each day, so check back in and watch the sales add up!

  • That's it! Your check in process is now complete! Now all you need to do is tell all your friends about the JBF Sales Eent and then get ready to shop the bargains! About two weeks later, you can expect to receive your Consignor check in the mail!


    We LOVE our Team Members! They make our JBF World go 'round! If you like being part of a team and and most of all, catching the best deals by shopping at the earliest available presale, then check into being a part of the team!

  • What's in it for YOU? Yes, our Team Members SHOP FIRST...followed by consignors and other special groups, such as First-time Parents (if offered) . Please note that each sales event offers special shopping groups the opportunity to shop early. These vary by sale location, so check with your sales events for details.

  • Signing Up to a Team Member: You can sign up for shifts at your local sales events through your My JBF Profile page by clicking the pink "Sign Up" button in the "Upcoming Events" section on the right-hand side of the page. Once you click the "Volunteer (Includes Barter)," user group, you will then be able to select the available shifts from the pop-up page. Make sure you also select your qualified presale pass and then click "Confirm Shifts" and voila! You are all set! You will receive an email confirmation from your local JBF event coordinator.

  • Team members show up a half hour ahead of their scheduled shift times and get to then have some fun with other local JBF Superstars! Sign up early to make sure you get the shifts that work best for you. Again, we just love love love our Team Members! We'd love for you to be one, too! Check into being a Part of the Team.

  • Other Early Shopping Opportunities: At some JBF Sales Events there may be bartering opportunities available should you want to shop early but are unable to be a team member. Keep an eye out for this info on your local JBF Sales Event's webpage!